Get BlackBerry for iPhone and get Up to $550 to Switch Phones


Last month, Blackberry CEO John Chen published an open letter to Blackberry customers urging them not to ditch the company for a shiny new iPhone or Android: Trendy may be tempting, but “there’s also something to be said for the classic adage, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” he wrote.

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What patents Microsoft says android infringes

By now most of us have heard that Microsoft has entered into licensing agreements with a good deal of Android hardware vendors. HTC, Motorola, and others are forking out undisclosed amounts for each phone or tablet they ship with Android loaded on it. Though no one is saying just how much this “fee” is, many have thrown around the figure of $15 per device. That essentially means that your Android-powered phone is costing you $15 more than it would if Microsoft didn’t have those patents… but what are those patents?

Part of those license agreements must be a secrecy clause, because no one is talking about the patents. Until now.

Barnes and Noble uses Android to power their Nook line of eBook readers. Microsoft wants a piece of their pie, too, but B&N is fighting back, and exposing the patents that Microsoft says Android is infringing upon.

Here’s their abbreviated list, and their rebuttal to the patents in question:

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Samsung paid Microsoft 1 billion last year to build android phones

Samsung has been paying Microsoft $1 billion a year in royalties to use its technology in Samsung’s Android smartphones and tablets, according to a court document filed Friday.

The filing also shows that Microsoft offered to reduce Samsung’s payments if it developed Windows tablets and phones alongside its Android products.
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windowsxpretired1We are listening for a very old time about Microsoft cutting support to Windows XP but when? Finally, on April 8, 2014, Windows Xp will be sentenced to death. After getting so much popularity, finally, it is being retired.
There are many reasons for this i.e. 
It has been running on Systems for almost 10 years, new Operating Systems (OS) are available which are better, faster, flexible than Xp.
Third parties, software providers, are also not planning to extend support either, which adds another layer of risk to those who refuse to upgrade.

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