Keyboard Shortcuts for snapping Feature in Ubuntu 14.04


Snapping feature in the Windows aka Aero Snap can be used by keyboard by pressing “Windows key + Arrow keys”. As it is well-known fact that using the keyboard instead mouse, where applicable, can increase productivity. So today I am gonna disclose one of the magnificent productivity tricks to you, so hold on.

This snapping feature is available in Ubuntu by default, however the keyboard shortcuts are different. You can also change the shortcuts for snapping windows in Ubuntu 14.04. The best shortcuts that work along with what function they perform are given below:

Ctrl+Super+Arrow key Right: Snaps the current window on Right side.

Ctrl+Super+Arrow key Left: Snaps the current window on Left Side.

Ctrl+Super+Arrow key Up: Maximize the current window or application.

Ctrl+Super+Arrow key Down: Un-maximize Or Minimize the current window (depends on the state of the window).

Note:Super” key is the Windows key (also known as start key or logo key) on the keyboard, and seems similar to this: windows-key-featured-500x375 (1)

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