Air umbrella (invisible umbrella)


I don’t know what was wrong with the traditional fabric-based umbrella, but for some reason someone has invented one made of air, which keeps rain away by creating an extendable ‘force field’ of air above your head.

The device is expected to arrive next year, and though it is currently still in the research stages has already attracted over $14,000 worth of funding on Kickstarter (surpassing its goal of $10,000).

Its handle looks similar to that of a regular umbrella, except it contains a lithium battery which powers a fan. When switched on, the umbrella blasts a canopy of air which deflects rain.air

Though it seems a bit Jetsons, there is one big advantage over the standard-issue umbrella (along with its smaller size): the size of the air canopy can be increased by twisting the handle, meaning the area of coverage could potentially be huge and comfortably cover two people.

The Air Umbrella does make noise, but Chinese inventor Chuan Wang claims it is quieter than the rain around it.

It is set for release in December 2015.

Via: Independent

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