Warid CEO Goes Public with its 4G LTE Plans


This is the first time that Warid has publicly announced anything regarding its 4G LTE plans.

Warid said that it has already invested US 100 million dollars for rollout of its 4G LTE network till date. Warid is fully relying on Dhabi Group — its parent group —  lead by Shaikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan that has allocated a total sum of US 500 million dollars to fund Warid’s next-gen network rollout.

Decision shows that (Abu) Dhabi Group is still confident about its investment in Pakistan as instead of external funding the group decided to inject US 500 million dollars into company from its pockets.

Mr. Muneer Farooqui further said that Warid is gearing up for the 4G LTE launch with the best available network solutions and Ericsson has been committed to provide us with the state-of-art technologies and services. “Our strong partnership and working relationship with Ericsson has given us complete trust in their technology and execution, making them the preferred partner for this landmark project as well.” Mr. Farooqui said.

Warid Telecom has already started an internal trial to test the network capacity and service reliability after which public trials will be announced by the company along with a program for 4G LTE enabled devices as well. The company has already started delivering free 4G LTE SIMs to its customers who have 4G LTE enabled handsets.

Via: ProPakistani

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