Operation-021 or Na Maloom Afraad which film should you go see on this Bakra Eid?

Hello my fellow Lollywood-ers, Eid is upon us and that can mean only one thing (well other than the fact that there are going to be lots of Bakra’s everywhere) that Lollywood is going to churn out more films today than rest of the year combined. Yes, that is the power of the Eid box-office my mates. However we shall not be focusing on the many B/C grade films releasing today, rather will be talking about the clash of our two mega titans  “Na Maloom Afraad” and “Operation-021.” The million dollar question which almost everyone has on their mind is that which of the two films they should go check out ? Operation-021 or Na Maloom Afraad?

Well don’t fear, for your savior Momin Ali is here.

I had the privilege of seeing both the films at the private screenings (Thank You Team 021 and Team NMA ) and hence having seen both the films gives me unimaginable power and makes me the last hope for mankind *evil laugh*

However I have decided that I will give you my extremely valuable opinion, which you all can listen to or ignore as well if you wish but its better if you listen to it. So without further drama, grab your mutton kebabs , pour in some Coke and find out which film should you spend your hard earned Bakra-Eidi on.

Following are a few questions that lots of people around me asked and here are the detailed answers I gave to them.

1.Momin what is the story of both the films?


Well the story of Operation-021 is that it has a story and that’s story enough for as story. On a serious note the film is a spy thriller and probably one of the most intelligent films to come out of Pakistan. The story as Aayan Mirza (Editor Galaxy Lollywod) writes in his review is

“O21 is a Pakistani film, but it is not about Pakistan. The fight is for the mega reserves of Lithium in Afghanistan. There is a self-righteous, self-protecting CIA, a hungry, profit selfish mining corporation, or corporations if seen in larger perspective (only in names and shadows), then there are Afghans, the good ones, the bad ones, and proportionally smaller Pakistanis, again, the good ones, the bad ones. Pakistan is more of a ‘facilitating’ country in the story, for the bigger proxy game that is being played in the genre.”


As for Na Maloom Afraad  well the story  basically revolves around the lives, plans and backfiring of the plans made by three reckless fellows Shakeel (Javed Sheikh), Farhan (Fahad Mustafa) and Moon (Mohsin Abbas) who have had more than their fare share of miseries. They hatch a plan which will end all their miseries and hence starts the roller coaster ride which the viewers will be a part of for about two and half hours.

2.Momin what is the  USP of both the films?

Well firstly the biggest USP for both the films is that they are Pakistani films and you should all go support your cinema. Other than that, well:-


I know you are probably tired of hearing the same thing again and again in the media but 021’s biggest USP is its edge of the seat thrilling storytelling which has you hooked on till the very last scene. Pakistan has NEVER produced a film like this and this is surely a game changer. Moreover the film sees the dynamic and talented actors Shaan Shahid and Aamina Sheikh pair up for the first time.


Dont get me wrong you all but the “Billi” number performed by Mehwish Hayat is surely one of the most strong selling point for this film.  Other than that the film which is shot on the streets of Karachi is surely a cinematic treat and every shot is to die for. The cinematography is so amazing that you actually feel like you’re at the so and so location.

3. Momin is the acting, direction of these films any good?
Okay my sweet people if you dont mind me saying that but “Tanu asal vich pata chalda aay kay direction changi si ya nahi. Menu tin saal ho gaye menu tay pata naiyon laga” (Do you people actually understand if the direction is good or not? Its been three years since I started reviewing and I am still not sure what comprises of good direction).

Offended? Dont be! The Pakistani crowd if nothing more is surely an excellent judge of the direction and acting of a film and are always racing to twitter to rip a film to shreds if “they” don’t “think” that the acting or the direction is any good. All I’ll say is that I thought the acting and direction of both the films is commendable in their own unique way. While Nabeel Qureshi of NMA has his own creative ways with the shots Jami and Summer Nicks of 021 have a sleek style of their own. As for the acting department well both the films boast of some very versatile actors so  don’t worry you will not be disappointed by the acting departments of both the films.

4.Momin but what are the weak points of the films?


Unlike Waar where the english language was not important to the plot here in 021 it’s the driving force in the film and this is surely going to hold the film at a disadvantage. Other than that the film is spot on.


Well the weak points for this film include that the story gets a bit stretched in the second half, also sometimes the situations and the humor would appeal more to the Karachites as compared to the Lahoris. And knowing that I, being a staunch latter would tell you where I am coming from. But on the whole it’s a strong film.

5.But Momin which film to see?

Well firstly let me just add that I believe as a Pakistani you should go and check out both these films as both of them are Pakistani films. However not to gain much sympathy I’ll also add that both these films are true gems and surely worthy of your time and money. As for the main question about which film to see well lets play a game. Choose one of the four options and I’ll tell you which film to see:-

1.Do you like social drama films? Films with a strong message? Films that make you cry? Films that show you whats happening in the society?

2.Do you like films that give you lots of “What the F*** moments”? Have lots of action? Lots of thrill? A heavy plot? Are dark? Give you something to think about? Give you goosebumps?

3.Do you like masala entertainers? With romantic numbers? Drama? Comedy? Romance? An item number? Lots of color? Exaggerated scenes? Light hearted feel good films?

4.Do you find Katrina Kaif hot and Hrithik Roshan irresistible?:

If you chose 2. Then go for Operation021

if you chose 3. Then go for Na Maloom Afraad.

If you chose 1. Then go rent Shoaib Mansoor’s  “Bol” as nothing on this Eid will appeal to your very evolved taste.

If you chose 4. Traitor Traitor Traitor.You should be sentenced to death, but since its Eid day I’ll forgive you and give you one little task. All you have to do is go download the film “Bang Bang” on a torrent (the print is unbelievable). Convince all your friends and family to watch it online. I mean why waste your 400 rupees on it? Got it.

In conclusion all I’ll say is that this Eid be Pakistani and support your own content. Decide on any film and surely go see it in the cinemas but then also go and watch the other film.

Via: Galaxy Lollywood

If you face any problem comment below, we will contact you as soon as possible.


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