windowsxpretired1We are listening for a very old time about Microsoft cutting support to Windows XP but when? Finally, on April 8, 2014, Windows Xp will be sentenced to death. After getting so much popularity, finally, it is being retired.
There are many reasons for this i.e. 
It has been running on Systems for almost 10 years, new Operating Systems (OS) are available which are better, faster, flexible than Xp.
Third parties, software providers, are also not planning to extend support either, which adds another layer of risk to those who refuse to upgrade.

It is good to move from good to awesome and everyone is trying to upgrade their operating system. Nevertheless, along with the OS, one has to change its System because new OS does not support older systems.
XP is still used by decade-old systems and organizations which do not need systems with high specifications will be using it. But due to all threats that the Xp lovers will about to be faced in the near future are forcing them to change their Operating System. So, let’s wait and watch the outcome of this decision.
Recent Countdown is shown here:

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